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Comment: Prepared for the proceedings of "Vortex VII" conference. Animations of vortices in type-1.5 superconductors is available at http://people.umass.edu/garaud/NonPairwise.html. http://www.youtube.com/user/QuantumVortices v2.: Minor additions (published version)
Comment: 3 pages, New3SC-3 conference
Comment: To be published in PRL, new version with minor changes following referees reports
We propose an alternative explanation to the oscillations of the flux-flow resistance found in several previously published experiments with BiSrCaCuO stacks. It has been argued by the previous authors that the period of the oscillations corresponding to the field needed to add one vortex per two intrinsic Josephson junctions is associated with a moving triangular lattice of vortices (out-of-phase mode), while the period corresponding to one vortex per one junction is due to the square lattice (in-phase mode). In contrast, we show that both type of oscillations may occur in a single-layer Josephson junction and thus the above interpretation is inconsistent.
Single crystals of KOs2O6 have been grown in a sealed quartz ampoule. Detailed single crystal X-ray diffraction studies at room temperature show Bragg peaks that violate Fd-3m symmetry. With a comparative structure refinement the structure is identified as non-centrosymmetric (F-43m). Compared to the ideal beta-pyrochlore lattice (Fd-3m), both Os tetrahedral and O octahedral network exhibit breathing mode like volume changes accompanied by strong anisotropic character of the K channels. The crystals show metallic conductivity and a sharp transition to the superconducting state at Tc = 9.65 K. Superconducting properties have been investigated by magnetization measurements performed in a temperature range from 2 to 12 K and in magnetic fields from 0 to 60 kOe. The temperature dependence of the upper critical field Hc2(T) has been deter...
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