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Comment: submitted to the proceedings of cmt30
We investigate a pair entanglement of electrons in diatomic molecule, modeled as a correlated double quantum dot attached to the leads. The low-temperature properties are derived from the ground state obtained by utilizing the Rejec-Ramsak variational technique within the framework of EDABI method, which combines exact diagonalization with ab initio calculations. The results show, that single-particle basis renormalization modifies the entanglement-switch effectiveness significantly. We also found the entanglement signature of a competition between an extended Kondo and singlet phases.
On the basis of the Fermi liquid theory, the Kadowaki-Woods ratio $A/\gamma^2$ is evaluated by using a first principle band calculation for typical itinerant $d$ and $f$ electron systems. It is found as observed that the ratio for the $d$ electron systems is significantly smaller than the normal $f$ systems, even without considering their relatively weak correlation. The difference in the ratio value comes from different characters of the Fermi surfaces. By comparing Pd and USn$_3$ as typical cases, we discuss the importance of the Fermi surface dependence of the quasiparticle transport relaxation.
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