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Comment: 4 pages; to appear in Journal of Physics: Conference Series (proceedings of HFM2008)
We show, by exact Renormalization Group methods, that in multi-layer graphene the dimensional crossover energy scale is decreased by the intra-layer interaction, and that for temperatures and frequencies greater than such scale the conductivity is close to the one of a stack of independent layers up to small corrections.
We present the real-space block renormalization group equations for fermion systems described by a Hubbard Hamiltonian on a triangular lattice with hexagonal blocks. The conditions that keep the equations from proliferation of the couplings are derived. Computational results are presented including the occurrence of a first-order metal-insulator transition at the critical value of $U/t \approx 12.5$.
The $S=1/2$ Heisenberg antiferromagnet is studied on the kagom\'e lattice by using a Green's function method based on an appropriate decoupling of the equations of motion. Thermodynamic properties as well as spin-spin correlation functions are obtained and characterize this system as a two-dimensional quantum spin liquid. Spin-spin correlation functions decay exponentially with distance down to low temperature and the calculated missing entropy at T=0 is found to be $0.46\ln{2}$. Within the present scheme, the specific heat exhibits a single peak structure and a $T^2$ dependence at low temperature.
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