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Comment: 15 pages, 14 figures, submitted to PRB. v2, published version with cosmetic changes
The effects of various transition metal dopants on the electrical and thermal transport properties of Fe1-xMxSi alloys (M= Co, Ir, Os) are reported. The maximum thermoelectric figure of merit ZTmax is improved from 0.007 at 60 K for pure FeSi to ZT = 0.08 at 100 K for 4% Ir doping. A comparison of the thermal conductivity data among Os, Ir and Co doped alloys indicates strong electron-phonon coupling in this compound. Because of this interaction, the common approximation of dividing the total thermal conductivity into independent electronic and lattice components ({\kappa}Total = {\kappa}electronic + {\kappa}lattice) fails for these alloys. The effects of grain size on thermoelectric properties of Fe0.96Ir0.04Si alloys are also reported. The thermal conductivity can be lowered by about 50% with little or no effect on the electrical r...
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Comment: Published version, 4 pages, 2 figures, RevTex4
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