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We study the Coulomb drag between two single graphene sheets in intrinsic and extrinsic graphene systems with no interlayer tunneling. The general expression for the nonlinear susceptibility appropriate for single-layer graphene systems is derived using the diagrammatic perturbation theory, and the corresponding exact zero-temperature expression is obtained analytically. We find that, despite the existence of a non-zero conductivity in an intrinsic graphene layer, the Coulomb drag between intrinsic graphene layers vanishes at all temperatures. In extrinsic systems, we obtain numerical results and an approximate analytical result for the drag resistivity $\rho_{\textrm{D}}$, and find that $\rho_{\textrm{D}}$ goes as $T^2$ at low temperature $T$, as $1/d^4$ for large bilayer separation $d$ and $1/n^3$ for high carrier density $n$. We a...
Comment: 7 pages, 6 figures. Typos corrections corresponding to the published version
Comment: 10 pp., 5 fig. cond-mat/0606258 was split into two papers to clarify their separate stories. cond-mat/0606258v2 treats the effect of C60 intercalation on transport in nanotubes. 0704.3641 is on Kondo physics in a nanotube in B-field. We now note: the splitting of Kondo resonances with B-field is sub-linear at low field, in qualitative agreement with theories
We present current noise measurements in a long diffusive superconductor-normal-metal-superconductor junction in the low voltage regime, in which transport can be partially described in terms of coherent multiple Andreev reflections. We show that, when decreasing voltage, the current noise exhibits a strong divergence together with a broad peak. We ascribe this peak to the mixing between the ac- Josephson current and the noise of the junction itself. We show that the junction noise corresponds to the thermal noise of a nonlinear resistor 4kBT=R with R V = I V and no adjustable parameters.
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