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Comment: 6 pages, 4 figures, accepted by PRA
Based on the finite $U$ slave boson method, we have investigated the effect of Rashba spin-orbit(SO) coupling on the persistent charge and spin currents in mesoscopic ring with an Anderson impurity. It is shown that the Kondo effect will decrease the magnitude of the persistent charge and spin currents in this side-coupled Anderson impurity case. In the presence of SO coupling, the persistent currents change drastically and oscillate with the strength of SO coupling. The SO coupling will suppress the Kondo effect and restore the abrupt jumps of the persistent currents. It is also found that a persistent spin current circulating the ring can exist even without the charge current in this system.
Comment: changed title; changed definition of vortex density surrogate "D"; additional data in Fig. 3; text revisions
We report studies of cyclotron resonance in monolayer graphene. Cyclotron resonance is detected using the photoconductive response of the sample for several different Landau level occupancies. The experiments measure an electron velocity at the K- (Dirac) point of $c_{K}^{*}$ = 1.093 x 10$^{6}$ ms$^{-1}$ and in addition detect a significant asymmetry between the electron and hole bands, leading to a difference in the electron and hole velocities of 5% by energies of 125 meV away from the Dirac point.
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