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We study theoretically formation of two-dimensional (2D) charge density wave (CDW) in a system of conducting chains at the surface of an insulator due to interaction of quasi 1D surface electrons with phonons. We show that the unscreened long-range Coloumb interaction between the charges induced by fluctuations of the CDW phase stabilizes the finite order parameter value at finite temperatures, and thus the long-range order (LRO) exists. In the case of screened Coloumb interaction the phase fluctuations suppress the phase transition, but decay of the order parameter is rather slow, it obeys a power-law $<\Delta^*(r) \Delta(0)> \propto r^{-\gamma}$ with small exponent $\gamma$
Comment: 4 pages, 4 figures; slightly revised version accepted for publication in Physical Review Letters
We derive an expression for the conditional time for the reflection of a wave from an arbitrary potential barrier using the WKB wavefunction in the barrier region. Our result indicates that the conditional times for transmission and reflection are equal for a symmetric barrier within the validity of the WKB approach.
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