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Comment: A brief review on persistent current in mesoscopic normal metal loops
We perform self-consistent quantum transport calculations in open quantum dots taking into account the effect of electron interaction. We demonstrative that in the regime of the ultralow temperatures $2\pi k_BT\lesssim\Delta$ ($\Delta $ being the mean level spacing), the electron interaction strongly affects the conductance oscillations and their statistics leading to a drastic deviation from the corresponding predictions for noninteracting electrons. In particular, it causes smearing of conductance oscillations, which is similar to the effect of temperature or inelastic scattering. For $2\pi k_BT\gtrsim\Delta$ the influence of electron interaction on the conductance becomes strongly diminished. Our calculations (that are free from phenomenological parameters of the theory) are in good quantitative agreement with the observed ultralo...
Comment: An introductory review paper, presented at the MAG-EL-MAT meeting 2007
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