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The Sagnac effect is an important phase coherent effect in optical and atom interferometers where rotations of the interferometer with respect to an inertial reference frame result in a shift in the interference pattern proportional to the rotation rate. Here we analyze for the first time the Sagnac effect in a mesoscopic semiconductor electron interferometer. We include in our analysis Rashba spin-orbit interactions in the ring. Our results indicate that spin-orbit interactions increase the rotation induced phase shift. We discuss the potential experimental observability of the Sagnac phase shift in such mesoscopic systems.
The ability to control the conductance of single molecules will have a major impact in nanoscale electronics. Azobenzene, a molecule that changes conformation as a result of a trans/cis transition when exposed to radiation, could form the basis of a light-driven molecular switch. It is therefore crucial to clarify the electrical transport characteristics of this molecule. Here, we investigate theoretically charge transport in a system in which a single azobenzene molecule is attached to two carbon nanotubes. In clear contrast to gold electrodes, the nanotubes can act as true nanoscale electrodes and we show that the low-energy conduction properties of the junction may be dramatically modified by changing the topology of the contacts between the nanotubes and the molecules, and/or the chirality of the nanotubes (that is, zigzag or arm...
A real-space quantum transport simulator for carbon nanoribbon (CNR) MOSFETs has been developed. Using this simulator, the performance of carbon nanoribbon (CNR) MOSFETs is examined in the ballistic limit. The impact of quantum effects on device performance of CNR MOSFETs is also studied. We found that 2D semi-infinite graphene contacts provide metal-induced-gap-states (MIGS) in the CNR channel. These states would provide quantum tunneling in the short channel device and cause Fermi level pining. These effects cause device performance degradation both on the ON-state and the OFF-state. Pure 1D devices (infinite contacts), however, show no MIGS. Quantum tunneling effects are still playing an important role in the device characteristics. Conduction due to band-to-band tunneling is accurately captured in our simulations. It is important...
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