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Comment: 12 pages, Latex, 3 figures, To appear in ApJ, July 20, 1998 issue, email: umemura@rccp.tsukuba.ac.jp
Comment: 26 pages, uuencoded gunzip'ed latex + 16 postscrip figures, to be published in AJ
Comment: 14 pages 3 figures (ps file), ApJL in press
Comment: to appear in The Astrophysical Journal. AASTEX LateX, 2 figures
Comment: 6 pages, 5 eps figure, LaTex MNRAS style, accepted for publication in MNRAS
We present a multi--wavelength study of a supergiant shell within the violent interstellar medium of the nearby dwarf galaxy IC 2574, a member of the M81 group of galaxies. Neutral hydrogen (HI) observations obtained with the Very Large Array (VLA) reveal a prominent expanding supergiant HI shell which is thought to be produced by the combined effects of stellar winds and supernova explosions. It measures roughly 1000 x 500 pc in size and is expanding at about 25 km/s. The HI data suggest an age of about 1.4 x 10^6 yrs; the energy input must have been of order (2.6\pm 1) x 10^53 ergs. Massive star forming regions, as traced by H$\alpha$ emission, are situated predominantly on the rim of this HI shell. VLA radio continuum observations at 6 cm show that these star-forming regions are the main sources of radio continuum emission in this...
Comment: 18 pages, including 15 figures, Accepted for publication in MNRAS
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