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Networking technologies have been changing the life of people in their private residential space. With the arrival of high definition (HD) multimedia services and broadband communications into the living space, future home networks are expected to support high speed device-to-device connectivity with Quality-of-Service (QoS) provisioning. There is no prize for guessing that it has to be wireless communication which creates maximal freedom. Nevertheless, it is doubtful that today's home networking technologies can sufficiently lead to the expected future of HD multimedia. Especially the maximum data rate and QoS that the network is expected to deliver have being pushed to the limits, which leads to users experience far from satisfying. In response to the critical throughput demands, the 60 GHz radio technology presents itself as an ide...
a 4-bit 250MHz sampling rate pipelined A/D converter, with 1.5-bit resolution per stage, has been designed by Cadence using TSMC 0.13um CMOS process. The ADC which works at 1.2 V supply voltage dissipates 15.23 mW and has an ENOB of 3.7 bits @ 100MHz sampling condition. The maximum DNL is 0.38 LSB, and the maximum INL is 0.352 LSB
The graduation project titled ‘renaissance of cultural identity-historical districts regeneration of Beijing inner city’ aims at researching the question about the role of cultural identity in the historical cities, specifically it is about testing and investigating proper ways to regenerate the historic districts in inner city of Beijing, in order to make it match the contemporary urban development. The research started from giving the definition of cultural identity in Beijing inner city and investigate current situtaion for these constituent elements.I have stated that those elements are under threats under market oriented development, both of the spatial and social quality are declined. Cultural identity has been evicting from historic city core under modernization and marketization. Then my analysis focus on finding out the confli...
New city center does not developed as well as it was planned because of an ideal planning model from government planner. In my project, I try to recogonize the real princeples about how the center system grows according to historical center, then apply these principles to reconstruct the new city center in order to revitalise new town.
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