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There is a growing recognition of this offcampus vis-à-vis part-time education as an effective means to provide mass and democratic education to all, the needy and the deprived. There is equally an increasing need to provide opportunity to these students to acquire knowledge and skills. In view of this, SPACE UTM has towed a line to lead smart collaborations with other institutions to harness technical and engineering personnel to meet the workforce demand of the nation. At present, SPACE has over 5400 students undergoing 23 pert-time courses in engineering and technology. To ensure quality engineering education, all engineering programmes are monitored by the Engineering Accreditation Council of the Board of Engineers Malaysia (EAC). In addition, the Quality Assurance Standard outlined by the Ministry of Higher Learning Malaysia acts...
Kecemerlangan mahasiswa tidak hanya diukur dari segi pencapaian akademik semata-mata. Sebaliknya kecemerlangan mahasiswa perlu dilihat dalam perspektif yang seimbang dan menyeluruh sesuai dengan matlamat dan prinsip Falsafah Pendidikan Kebangsaan. Mahasiswa perlu diberikan peluang dan pendedahan yang sesuai untuk mengembangkan potensi diri terutama dari segi kepimpinan dan pembinaan sahsiah serta personaliti positif sebagai langkah melahirkan bakal-bakal siswazah yang berkualiti, berketerampilan dan berdaya saing. Untuk mencapai hasrat murni ini, UKM menerusi Pusat Pembangunan Mahasiswa telah, sedang dan akan merancang, mengurus, menyelaras serta memantau beberapa program pembangunan mahasiswa untuk memberikan nilai tambah [ added value ] dalam konteks memperkasa keupayaan modal insan. Mahasiswa dan siswazah yang berkualiti, berketeram...
Acceleration Time-histories of earthquake ground motions are required for analyzing the structural performances and response of soil deposits under seismic loading. Selection of appropriate time-histories for specific geological and seismological conditions plays an important role for obtaining accurate results. Due to lack of representative strong motion data recorded in Malaysia, synthetic ground motions were generated in the frequency domain by using spectral matching analysis and random vibration theory. The uniform hazard spectra (UHS), which are required for developing synthetic time histories, were obtained from probabilistic seismic hazard analysis using attenuation relationships for response spectrum. In this study, two UHS were developed for 10% and 2% Probability Exceedance (PE) in design time period of 50 year or correspond...
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