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A processability study was conducted to investigate the fusion behavior of RHA filled ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) modified PVC-U (Unplasticisied Polyvinyl Chloride) using brabender torque rheometer. The objective of this study is to investigate the effect of RHA loading and types of coupling agents on the fusion behavior of impact modified pvc-u. the study showed that in ABS impact modified PVC, RHA loading increased the fusion time. The torque decreased marginally with RHA loading. Treating the PVC compound with coupling agent increased the fusion time. the torque, However, reduced when the filled RHA PVC composites were treated with LICA 12.
This paper presents an efficient technique for real-time tracking of a single moving object in terrestrial scenes using a stationary camera. The tracking algorithm is based on the linear prediction (LP) solved by the maximum entropy method (MEM). It attempts to predict the centroid of the moving object in the next frame, based on several past centroid measurements. Using a second order of the linear prediction method, the proposed algorithm is able to accurately track the moving object. It is shown analytically that the proposed recursive predictor-corrector tracking algorithm is able to yield high accuracy performance and is superior to that of the Kalman filter, for a possibly random movement of single moving object.
A design approach for differential CMOS Active Inductor with a self-resonant frequency around 1.58GHz - 3.98GHz is presented. The architecture is based on a differential gyrator-C topology to transform intrinsic capacitance of a MOSFET to the emulated inductance. Due to high power consumption of Active Inductor, only a current source is used. This design has the capability to tune the inductor and Q-factor values from lOnH - 6OnH and 20 - 60 respectively. Furthermore, a new technique is proposed to ensure smaller inductance value can be achieved with smaller power consumption and die area.
The impact of the propagation path-loss exponent on the forward performance of a direct-sequence code-division multiple-access (DS-CDMA) cellular system is investigated. For this purpose, a simple analytical model based on the inverse power-of-distance path-loss exponent law is developed. The problem of finding proper power-control factors is considered. According to path-loss exponent, the proper power-control factors are estimated for optimum performance. With these factors, results show that the capacity is reduced by a half by changing path-loss exponent from 4.5 to 2.5. For this range in path-loss exponent, power control can approximately double the capacity compared to the case of no power control
Flat Sheet Dialysis Membranes Were Casted Using Phase Inversion Method, Using Cellulose Acetate As The Polymer And Acetic Acid As The Solvent. Modification Agents Such As Polyethylene Glycol 400 (PEG 400) And Non-Solvent Swelling Agent, I.E. Distillated Water Were Added. Three Different Formulations Were Used, And The Performances Of The Obtained Membranes Were Tested For Protein Separation Using A 2 Mg/Ml Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) Solution. It Was Found That The Membrane Obtained From The Formulation Consisting Of 20%Wt Cellulose Acetate, 60%Wt Acetic Acid, 10%Wt PEG 400 And 10%Wt Distillated Water Gives A BSA Rejection Rate As High As 96.19%, Which Seems To Be Comparable With The Commercial Cellulose Acetate Dialysis Membranes. However, Testing The Same Membranes For Separation Of Sucrose Solution Does Not Give Satisfactory Result A...
Watermark is a technique of information concealment into digital data. One of the aims to give watermark to the digital image is copyrights protection. Before process or duplicate the digital image ,needed some watermark detection to know the existence of watermarking in the digital image. We did it to appreciate the copyrights of someone for the ownership of digital image. The detection is done to know what is the digital image has been lable with watermark or not. In this research, detection watermark existence done with discrete fractional fourier transform (DFRFT). To know the existence from the watermark inside the digital image done with comparing the detection value with threshold. At simulation has done to attack process using rotation, noise, and cropping. The result of this research is giving information to user about the ex...
Population data is something that must be managed either by governments, both local and central. Social Identity Number (SIN) is the number of Indonesian Population identity that is unique or typical, single and attached to someone who has been determined according to Law Number 23 Year 2006 and Government Regulation number 37 in 2007. Data collection mechanism that’s saved in each region and the lack of communication led to synchronize data can cause SIN double recording. Distributed database system is a collection of databases spread over two or more computers connected in a computer network. Distributed database system provides the advantage of data availability, and autonomy in the management of data in each local. Method of distributed database that’s used is horizontal fragmentation method. The design of distributed database of p...
Kemiskinan adalah salah satu permasalahan utama di kawasan perkotaan yang hingga kapanpun selalu menjadi pembahasan yang hangat, khususnya dikaitkan dengan permasalahan di negara-negara berkembang, termasuk di Indonesia. Berbagai langkah strategi telah dijalankan untuk menyelesaikannya, atau lebih dikenal dengan pengentasan kemiskinan. Salah satu pendekatan yang sekarang menjadi perhatian pada saat ini adalah dengan melibatkan masyarakat yang terjerat dengan kemiskinan tersebut untuk diikutserkan di dalam berbagai kegiatan pengetasan kemiskinan yang mereka hadapi tersebut. Pada dasarnya, pendekatan ini berupaya untuk memanfaatkan potensi dari masyarakat miskin yang dapat dikembangkan dalam kegiatan atau usaha tertentu yang dapat mengurangi dan bahkan melepaskan mereka dari jeratan permasalahan kemiskinan. Untuk melakukan pendekatan ini...
Penerapan enabling strategy di tanah air sejak Repelita ke-5 (1989) tanpa terasa sudah hampir 15 tahun dimana salah satu bentuk pengejawantahannya adalah penerapan Pembangunan Perumahan Bertumpu Pada Ke-lompok (P2BPK). Untuk mendukung pelaksanaan pola P2BPK ini pun disamping telah dikeluarkannya Keputusan Menteri Perumahan Rakyat RI Nomor 06 tahun 1994 tentang pedoman umum P2BPK, pemerintah juga telah men-yiapkan paket subsidi kredit perumahan yang dikenal dengan nama Kredit Triguna. Meskipun demikian ternyata pola P2BPK ini masih tidak mudah untuk diterapkan. Sudah banyak studi tentang mengapa penerapan pola ini masih sulit untuk diterapkan. Pada kesempatan ini penulis lebih menekankan pada aspek konsepsi P2BPK dengan mengait-kannya dengan perkembangan dan perubahan pola perilaku sosial masyarakat dalam konteks methoda pemenuhan k...
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