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Design of the Flemish culture center--De Brakke Grond. Located in the center of Amsterdam. Main function including: Theaters, Exhibition spaces, Art workshop, Meetting rooms, Restaurant, CAFE and Bookshop.
This thesis introduces the wake-up radio into ZigBee technology and presents three routing protocols for this dual-radio cooperative transmission.
This thesis presents the design of a dual-transfer-gate high dynamic range CMOS image sensor. Several methods that can be applied to extend the dynamic range have been developed. However, all of these solutions have undesired problems, such as nonlinearity response, higher dark current shot noise and discontinues signal-to-noise ratio. In this thesis, a dual-transfer-gate pixel which can achieve 84.5dB dynamic range is implemented in a 110nm CMOS image sensor technology. The sensor provides 76fps speed in 12-bit digital format. The equivalent input noise is as low as 3.1e- by introducing correlated-double-sampling (CDS) technology.
The work in this thesis is to develop high quality intrinsic layers (especially nc-Si:H) for micromorph silicon tandem solar cells/modules on plastic substrates following the substrate transfer method or knows as the Helianthos procedure. Two objectives are covered in this thesis: (1) preliminary work on trial and optimization of single junction and tandem cells on glass substrate, (2) silicon film depositions on Al foil, and afterwards the characterization and development of these cells/modules on a plastic substrate. The first objective includes the development of suitable ZnO:Al TCO for nc Si:H single junction solar cells, fabrication of the aimed micromorph tandem solar cells on glass, and finally the optimization of the nc-Si:H i-layer for the depositions afterwards on Al foil. Chapter 3 addresses the improvement of texture etchin...
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