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This dissertation addresses the problem of detecting faults based on sensor analysis for tightly-coupled multi-robot team tasks. The approach I developed is called SAFDetection, which stands for Sensor Analysis based Fault Detection, pronounced “Safe Detection”. When dealing with robot teams, it is challenging to detect all types of faults because of the complicated environment they operate in and the large spectrum of components used in the robot system. The SAFDetection approach provides a novel methodology for detecting robot faults in situations when motion models and models of multi-robot dynamic interactions are unavailable. The fundamental idea of SAFDetection is to build the robots’ normal behavior model based on the robots’ sensor data. This normal behavior model not only describes the motion pattern for the single robot, but ...
Value Methodology (VM) is proposed by Dr. Frits Willems from Grontmij, as a possible way to help solve the problems. VM is a strong problem-analyzing and decision-making tool which matches the problem framework. Besides, based on an insight of its development and applications in other Government agencies, and comparisons with other relative methods, a conclusion is drawn that it is worthwhile researching on VM to see how it can help. VM is the starting point of this thesis research. The objective is to develop a framework of the application of Value Methodology, in order to identify maintenance improvements on infrastructural assets and guide decision-making on renewal and modification projects.
Summary Of the thesis :’ Mixing and In-situ product removal in micro bioreactors’ by Xiaonan Li The work presented in this thesis is a part of a large cluster project, which was formed between DSM, Organon, Applikon and two university groups (TU Delft and University of Twente), under the ACTS and IBOS program. The aim of this cluster project was to develop a system consisting of parallel bioreactors of 30 to 200 microliter working volume for the cultivation of micro-organisms under well controlled industrially relevant condition (T, pH, DO etc.), and operated as fed-batch reactor in long term (>200h). This platform has the potential to be used for high throughput screening applications for gene identification or the related small scale protein fermentation to increase the protein production process development rate and to reduce the ...
Margarine is a novel product in comparison with butter; however it does have a little over century's heritage. As the timeline moving margarine has continuously improved, now it is the time that margarine starts claiming the premium product title. Hence a research was carried out to explore the opportunities which led to a product innovation. A new product requires marketing strategy and product design engineering to achieve the success. Thus a corresponding packaging was designed, and relative production engineering was proposed. Lastly to assist the product and marketing strategy, a retail concept was also designed. In the end the product and packaging were made for consumer and user testing, as well as for obtaining better engineering dimensions of packaging.
This master thesis shows the process of designing business models for value chain optimization with the realtime streaming calendaring service platform, and the process of designing a business model generation toolkit. It was done for the startup company Calendar42, located at YES!Delft. During the graduation project, 4 business models were designed together with the implementation plan and a business model generation toolkit was designed and elaborated up to a prototype.
This abstract sketches my PhD research towards establishing a generic mechanism for exploiting social intelligence for next-generation image search.
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