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The Time-Projection Chamber invented thirty years ago by David Nygren, has been used very successfully for tracking in many particle and ion physics experiments, and is now often developed for rare events physics. After a presentation of the original idea of the TPC, and of the advantages of such a detector, the problems related to its realisation will be developed, then a panorama of TPCs for particle physics will be shown, and finally a survey will be done on potentialities of TPC for rare event detection.
A MPGD (Micro-Pattern Gas Detector) TPC is a leading candidate for the main tracker of the future electron-positron International Linear Collider experiment, for which excellent 2-track separation and transverse spatial resolution are needed. Since more than five years a collaboration led by DAPNIA-CEA is studying a MICROMEGAS (MICRO-MEsh GAS detector) read-out for this TPC. First, in collaboration with LAL-Orsay, many studies have been achieved, with various small Micromegas devices and electron sources (X-ray sources and gun, beta, photo-electrons), on gas properties (drift velocity, diffusion, gain), ion feedback, aging, behaviour in the magnetic field, etc... Among other goodies, a natural suppression of the positive ion feedback at the level of a few per mil has been demonstrated; this is a key point in view of the operation in th...
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