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Une étude portant sur la réalisation d'un nouvel ordinateur dédié aux calculs de simulation Lattice QCD est actuellement en cours au LAL, au sein d'un consortium pluridisplinaire regroupant 9 labos (IN2P3, CNRS, CEA, INRIA), depuis un an environ. Cette action est financée par un projet ANR. Dans ce cadre, une des architectures explorées est le nouveau processeur Cell (IBM), et un banc de test composé de 16 de ces processeurs a été construit au CCIN2P3 pour y investiguer en détails l'implantation du programme HMC (collaboration ETMC).
Quantum chromodynamics (QCD) is the theory of subnuclear physics, aiming at modeling the strong nuclear force, which is responsible for the interactions of nuclear particles. Numerical QCD studies are performed through a discrete formalism called LQCD (Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics). Typical simulations involve very large volume of data and numerically sensitive entities, thus the crucial need of high performance computing systems. We propose a set of CELL-accelerated routines for basic LQCD calculations. Our framework is provided as a unified library and is particularly optimized for an iterative use. Each routine is parallelized among the SPUs, and each SPU achieves it task by looping on small chunk of arrays from the main memory. Our SPU implementation is vectorized with double precision data, and the cooperation with the PPU shows...
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