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This book explores the dimensions of university governance in research-intensive universities, seeks to develop cogent governance principles, and offers initiatives and recommendations. Papers were prepared as background for a conference to be held in January 2000 in Del Mar, California.
The objectives of this thesis include the development of an exact theory of neutron wave propagation in non-multiplying media as well as the application of this theory to analyze current experimental work. An initial study is made of the eigenvalue spectrum of the velocity-dependent Boltzmann transport operator for plane wave propagation in both noncrystalline and polycrystalline moderators. The point spectrum is discussed in detail, and a theorem concerning the existence of discrete eigenvalues for high frequency, high absorption, and/or small transverse dimensions is demonstrated. The limiting cases of low and high frequency behavior are analyzed. A physical interpretation of the discrete and continuum eigenfunctions (plane wave modes) is given, and the point spectrum existence theorem is explained in the light of such interpretatio...
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