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Two novels in one volume: The Dumdum Murder : Main Character: Al Wheeler ; [with] The Hellcat : Hellcat Main Character: Al Wheeler ; Horwitz Double 0014A, January 1983 ; First published as separate v.: Sydney : Horwitz, 1962 ; On spine: CBO14A ; Bucks books
The Coven : Main Character: Rick Holman ; Main Series no. 158, November 1971 [photographic cover]
Two novels in one volume ; Curtains For A Chorine : Main Character: Al Burlington [with] Homicide Hoyden Main Character: Scott Denton ; Second Collector’s Series V1 no. 3, July 1957
The Savage Sisters : Main Character: Danny Boyd Signet Y6871, first printing, February 1976, [photographic cover]
Two novels in one volume ; Cutie Cashed His Chips Main Character: Mike Farrell – Rick Straker (radio) ; Note: Revised as “The Million Dollar Babe” (April 1962) [with] Yogi Shrouds Yolande ; Main Character: Johnny Talbot – Steve Talbot (radio) ; Second Collector’s Series V1 no. 14, April 1958 ; Continuous pagination through two novels.
The Temptress : Main Character: Al Wheeler ; International Edition IE19, June 1962 [photographic cover]
Terror Comes Creeping :Main Character: Danny Boyd ; Main Series Horwitz no. 81, November 1959
The Wench Is Wicked : Main Character: Al Wheeler ; Main Series no. 6, November 1955 [photographic cover]
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